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Pocahontas State Park Rain Out! June 2013


Friday arrival brought us into a rainy campground at Pocahontas State Park.

We were able to set up between showers and then waited for our friends to show up. 1 by 1 they trickled into the campground and after getting set up we gathered to watch the rain and socialize.


There were a few downpours and a bit of site flooding but we survived!



Saturday welcomed a break in the weather and we had a pretty nice day of being lazy and eating way too much food together!


There was a group dinner with wonderful grilled cheesesteak sandwiches and side dishes. After dinner we ran out to find a couple quick geocaches before returning to camp for a rousing game of Pictionary under the spotlight!!



Even though we were pressed for time with the sun fading quickly we set out with a couple of our friends to chase down the first couple legs of a multicache in the Park. A multicache is a series of caches where each stage will have coordinates and clues for the next stage in the series until you reach the final container. The Geocaches we were after was sort of a hybrid multicache as each stage was an individual geocache and counted as a find on but you still needed to find them in order to get the proper help for the next in the series.

The first geocache we found was PSP Numbers Run #1 GC24G6Q  which was a fairly easy find near the main parking lot at the Camp office.

The next geocache we went looking for took a bit of time to find as the coordinates seemed to be off by about 30 feet but eventually we came up with the container.  This geocaches was the second in the series:  PSP Numbers Run #2 GC24G6R. The coordinates for this cache required some math to be done with a clue from the first geocache to get the final location.

We were able to get the helpful clue for #3 but daylight wouldn’t allow us time to go find it. I guess we can take up the hunt the next time we are visiting this campground.


As always we had a great time camping and caching with our friends and look forward to the next gathering.  Keep an eye out  for our next blog post where we will detail our trip to Douthat State Park along with quite a few geocache finds!

Our campsite during this trip.


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Virginia Campers Spring Rally 2013

 since I have updated the blog so time to play catch up.


  We belong to Virginia Campers,, a group of folks from all over Virginia that just enjoy camping together and the fellowship that comes along with that. Every year they have a Spring and Fall Rally to try and get everybody together in the same place at the same time to welcome in the new camping season and to also say goodbye to the season.

 059     SRSP_Entrance_002

This years Spring Rally was held April 26-28th at Shenandoah River State Park in Bentonville, VA. We had a huge turnout with 23 sites reserved by the group in the campground. There was also a 50’s theme to the Rally which included music, movies, costumes and a great hamburger cookout including burgers, dogs, fries and more side dishes and desserts than could be counted! We even had some friends of one of the campers bring some old cars on Saturday. A good time was had by all!
072     197    177     167


Even though we have been to this Park many times and found most of the geocaches on previous trips here there was 1 new geocache that we needed to find.  The State Parks have a series of geocaches they put out each year in each of the State Parks. This years series is entitled “Tree-mendous Adventures”. The geocache here was called VSP Shenandoah River Tree-mendous Adventure and was identified on as GC4735B. Located on one of the trails past the primitive tent camping sites, the hide was off a boardwalk through the woods, which made for an easy walk to the find. We found the container, signed the logbook inside and continued our walk to take some photographs in the woods before heading back to the Rally and our friends.

Virginia Campers Spring Rally 2013 055                           Virginia Campers Spring Rally 2013 052

Shenandoah River State Park is a beautiful Park with a new RV campground featuring 32 sites with w/e hookups. Wildlife and scenic views abound here and we highly recommend everyone to try this campground at least once in their lives. You can find more info on the Park and campground here:

Virginia Campers Spring Rally 2013 042     Virginia Campers Spring Rally 2013 037

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IMG_0248    IMG_0363

Thanks for taking the time to visit our blog. It’s a work in progress but we hope you like it!

(Yes, this was our site for the Rally weekend!)

Virginia Campers Spring Rally 2013 009

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